You Look So Beautiful When You Cry

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You look so beautiful when you cry.
Of all sights God has painted
Majestically with His holy hand,
None incite imagination
Like the regal splendor of your
Mourning countenance.

Glistening, your face alight with
A stream of tears reflecting sunbeams—
Emanating sparks of brilliance
Like a shroud of a million stars.
Your soft, dark cheek moistened beyond
The most illustrious dahlia field.

Your tears are beautiful
Like the autumn rain.
Drops of crystal from the sky—
Or do they fly forth from the sea?
Forming a shining glass conduit
Between heaven and earth.

Your tears are beautiful
Like the desert spring.
Warm shards of iridescence
Against golden backdrops
Stretching to eternity.
Well to my humanity.

Your tears are beautiful
Like the wild cascade,
Eroding my hard heart
With torrential bursts, as it were
The rushing mountain waters
Against the cold molten rock.

My glittering, golden damsel:
Do you realize what you do to me
When you lift up your tear-filled eyes
From their meek gaze on the floor
To meet my own searching vision?
Your anguish conquers me without force.

Like a stray kitten at my feet,
You beg for the warm affection
Of your guardian protector.
You need me to take the pain away.
But what’s truly surprising is
How much the protector needs his stray.

Though you’re older than me, I see you
As a child I want to keep safe—
Free from harm—forever in my arms.
Drunk in our mutual infatuation,
We hold onto one another—
And let morning find us still embraced.

Was that you intention on that first night,
When you opened the floodgates of your
Injured heart to my patient ears?
Why confide in me? Did you know
I wouldn’t judge you? Did you sense,
Even then, our soulful kinship?

Was is spontaneous? Or planned?
You knew I couldn’t resist your
Suffering, yet I have no doubt
Of your sadness’s sincerity.
Your deep wounds and insecurities
Found their balm in my tender words.

Oh blessed pain! Blessed is the pain
That brought us together.
Blessed are the tears that made me love you.
And blessed is the bronze angel of sorrow—
Whom my own heart and adoration have
Transformed into a cherubim of light.

You look so beautiful when you cry.