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Why Conservatism Failed

Honest, patriotic, conservative Americans who only read the headline of this article without examining its content may think that I’m some liberal celebrating the left’s major wins in culture, society, and politics over the last 100+ years.

Far to the contrary, anyone who follows this blog and my social media accounts knows how staunchly of the right I am. That’s why I’m being so blunt: I want to see our side win. And if we want that to happen, we need to be honest with ourselves about why the left has beaten us time and time again, to the point where they now control government, the media, the schools, academia, and virtually every other aspect of society.

Because of the vast nature of this subject, I won’t attempt to cover every factor in conservatism’s defeat in this post. I’ll likely revisit this question in future articles. So consider this Part I of “Why Conservatism Failed.”

Conservatism is Dead

The first thing you need to understand is that conservatism is effectively dead. When I say this, realize that “conservatism” is not the same thing as “the right.” The principles that we collectively tend to consider the political right—Christianity, family, personal responsibility, limited government, national sovereignty, constitutionalism, a dedication to our English-speaking, Anglo-American heritage —exist independently of the modern conservative movement.

Conservatism, as in the brand of “Conservative, Inc.” found at places like National Review and The Weekly Standard, is largely a 20th Century phenomenon. The movement, led by men like William F. Buckley, Jr., Bill Kristol, and Jonah Goldberg, often landed book deals and mainstream media gigs for its thought leaders, but ultimately accomplished little of substance.

Hence, why I say conservatism is dead—because at this point, there is nothing left to conserve.

Atheism, feminism, homosexuality, transgenderism are all regularly taught in public school classrooms—regardless of which party is in power.

Legal and illegal immigration continue forward unchecked in ever-greater numbers, resulting in a demographic transformation of our country away from its English-Speaking, Anglo-American heritage—regardless of which party is in power.

The scope and size of the federal government, particularly the executive branch, continues to grow to despotic proportions—regardless of which party is in power.

Our country continues to engage in pointless wars, cede authority to unelected international bodies, and rack up the national debt to mind-blowing levels—regardless of which party is in power.

Conservatism could not even conserve the women’s restroom.

How Conservatism Died

Conservatism is dead. It failed. And it failed epically.

Why? Because it was always intended to fail.

Its leaders were and are false prophets. Buckley was a Skull and Bones internationalist serving the CIA. Kristol, his father, and the neocons are Trotskyist world revolutionaries.

Here’s how the game was played:

The establishment insiders who control both major American political parties want two things:

  1. The transformation of America into a non-Christian socialist state.
  2. The creation of world government, or a global new world order.

So what did they do? They captured the liberal and progressive movements, along with the Democratic party, to overtly advance both planks of their agenda.

Then, they backed the conservative movement, along with much of the Republican party, to serve as controlled opposition.

The Republicans and media conservatives always claimed to oppose the left on plank #1 above, the transformation of America into a non-Christian socialist state. But in every cultural and political battle, every time it really counted, they were more concerned with being gentlemen and “losing with dignity” than putting up the fight necessary to actually win.

So the left would score another victory. Then another, each time moving government just a little closer to full socialism, moving the culture just a bit closer to anti-Christian, secular humanism.

And every time the left gained another win, conservatives would refuse to try to take that ground back. After all, if they’re all about “conserving,” that means they have to “conserve” the new liberal order, right?

So they never dared touch the left’s victories. “You guys created a new unconstitutional government agency? Oh, we just have to accept it. What’s done is done. Oh, you’ve legalized gay marriage? Oh well. We can’t do anything about it now!”

So while conservatives were purposefully losing to the left on #1, they were actively working alongside them on #2—the creation of world government, or a new world order.

Notice that Democrats and Republicans always work toward the same foreign policy objectives—having our military spread out all over the world (except on our own border), meddling in other countries, sending our troops to die in pointless wars. In other words, the establishment of a worldwide empire—one run according to the rules of international bodies like the United Nations.

Meanwhile, back at home, the conservative talking heads and Republican insiders were selling all this to their constituents as “keeping America strong” and “making America a superpower.”

These false conservative prophets told well-intentioned, patriotic American voters that we were somehow made safer by having our service men die in a stone-age Middle Eastern country that has no means of attacking us. Yet these same “principled conservatives” scream to high heaven against a common-sense security measure like preventing migration from known terrorist strongholds.

At the same time, these same “true conservatives” made it their job to vehemently oppose genuine right-wing voices by smearing them out of the movement. Anyone who was actually willing to fight and win had to be denounced, as Buckley did to the likes of Pat Buchanan and the John Birch Society. As his magazine, National Review, did to the likes of Ann Coulter and John Derbyshire. As the #NeverTrumpers tried to do to Donald Trump.

And so, step-by-step, the establishment insiders have brought their plan almost to full completion. And they couldn’t have done it without the help of their faithful friends, the American conservatives.

That is why I proclaim conservatism dead. And I say, good riddance! Conservatism was all about defense. And strictly playing defense is a lousy way to fight a war.

Where We Go From Here

The time to merely “conserve” is past. To be a conservative today would be to conserve socialism, globalism, and hedonistic humanism.

Today, we of the right are the revolutionaries. The name of our movement is irrelevant. We are Christians, patriots, nationalists, republicans (believers in Republicanism), freedom-lovers.

What’s in a name? At the end of the day, we’re fighters. Winning is all that matters.

And win we shall.