What Your Eyes Reveal

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Despite myself, I’m allured
By your youthful radiance.
There’s something so endearing
About your naiveté,
Your ingenuousness.

Your spirit, like the moonless night,
Captivates my imagination.
Irresistibly mysterious,
Haunting, incomprehensible—
A dark infatuation.

The world, inebriated with envy,
Scorns you. How could they ever see,
With eyes blinded and minds perverse,
The subtle majesty in your every motion
That moves and confounds me?

Coarse, unrefined, genuine.
You have no mind for the vanities
And false appearances of
Women infinitely inferior.
And that’s just what attracts me.

I’m enthralled by your aggressiveness.
Yours is a rebellion
Born of disappointment, of heartache
Inflicted by those who should
Have guarded your heart closest.

You try to conceal it, but your
Eyes reveal a lingering sadness.
A child’s vulnerability
Lies beneath the facade of
Your wry nature and coldness.

You’ve closed the gates to your heart,
But in your distance I perceive
A longing to be touched.
Yet you fear being hurt
Again, and quickly spurn

The warm caress and the
Protective embrace your yearn for.
To be understood, truly
Understood in soul and mind,
Would unlock your gates forevermore.

How can I resist your sweet
Melancholy, that quietly
Supplicates for the healing balm
Of all my affection?
Or refuse the silent pleading

You expose in your discreet
Glances (that last much too long)
And in the unbridled emotion
Of your quivering voice
During our moments alone?

Together, we can ascend
To a world of our making.
I’ll bring your every dream
And fantasy to life,
With me as your King—And you my Queen.