We Meet Again

It’s been so long
Since I held your hands in mine.
Worn from toil,
Stricken by merciless illness,

What surprises me is how
Perfectly they’ve retained their
Feminine softness—the
Exquisite touch

That time ago
Lit my soul aflame and
Imprinted you eternally on my
Then-wanting heart.

Even as I contemplate
Your weary frame,
I stand in awe.
Neither monstrous wave

Nor winter storm
Could extinguish the defiant
Glow in your eyes
That enthralls me.

Know this:
No sickness can diminish
My overpowering infatuation
With you.

No grief can erase
The fervent sonnets inscribed
And dedicated to you
In my heart.

No distance can moderate
The ardor that overtakes
Me with just the thought
Or mention of you.

Even time is helpless
In its plight to
Break the bonds that tie you
To my existence, my meaning, my being.

Whether in this life
Or the next,
I know I’ll have you.
I will yet taste your

Lush, pink lips,
The amber skin
I crave to converge
With my own.

Despite your absence,
From a distance,
You’ve taught me
How much a real woman’s love
Can change a man.

Here with you now,
Eyes locked,
The sanguine flames of passion
Return to consume me.

Time is against us,
But I pull you close.
Let me feel your warmth
One more night.