Luis Miguel goth right goth gothic poetry


Black lips
Menacingly painted,
Set against resplendent  
Ivory skin.

Like a sensuous wraith
Wandered off from phantom lands.

When I first saw you,
Your serpentine tresses
Strewn ferally
Over your jagged face—

Concealing near-every
Gothic feature but your
Siren’s eyes, cold and
Piercing as daggers—

By weird alchemy,
Or unholy incantation,
You breathed white fire
Into my dormant heart.

I wasn’t meant for you,
Or you for me.
You rose with the moon,
And I—the sun.

It was blasphemous
To even imagine defiling
Your vampiric immaculateness
With my impure blood.

But, as so often happens,
Opposites attracted.

Others were off-put by the
Ominous music blaring deafeningly
From your bedroom. I relished
In your contempt for the world.

Others shook their heads
Disapprovingly at your
Idiosyncratic wardrobe.

I was enthralled by the roughness
Of your clothes—your black
Combat boots, your spike-studded
Choker, your striped knee socks—

And how perfectly they contrasted
With your unblemished skin—
Delicately tender from
Inexposure to the elements,

Guarded religiously
By leather frock coats
And Victorian umbrellas.

You feigned aloofness, disdain—
Knowing your condescending air
Would only draw me closer.

Yet who was being seduced?
And who was the seducer?
What began as a game for you
Quickly became an indescribable need.

Every encounter fed your addiction,
As you thirstily sought to uncover
Each successive layer of darkness
Buried within me.

You were disturbed and frightened,
Yet hypnotically captivated
By the viperous nature
Hidden so expertly beneath
My boy scout facade.

I was unlike any suitor
You’d had before.
I didn’t try to reform you.
I didn’t want to reform you.

I found you fractured,
Defaced. Lacerated
To your innermost depths.
And I didn’t want you any other way.

The others saw your scars
(Many of them self-inflicted)
And urged you to seek help.
Not me.

I handed you my own knife
And offered to cut you deeper.

What the world calls profane, I call divine.
What the world considers perturbing, I hold sacred.

So I made you mine.
We became one another’s,
Joined horrifically in this
Freakish unity we dared call Love.

Thus shall we remain
As eons pass us by,
As spiteful earth and civilization
Fall into magnificent decrepity all around us.

My body against your body,
Locked together in this cold tomb
Become our marital bed.

I once wondered how you
Could shine more vivacious
In death than in life.

Now I realize
You’ve come home at last.