love poems


The rare and brief moments
I have you to myself
Transform my life—for an instant—
Into a maelstrom of emotion
From which I don’t want to escape.

I’m lost in the acute warmth
Of your sensuous breast, and the
Hypnotic beating of the heart
That keeps my love and muse alive.
A penetrating rhythm
That overpowers me.

I’m lost in the fine textures
Of your clothes, which embrace
Your smooth body so tightly.
How delightsome to run my hands
Over your colorful silks.

I grasp your dress hungrily,
Anxious to pull away the
Single thin barrier between
My hand and your tender skin—
And ravish your trembling frame.

But I only imagine it
As I stroke your back and waist.
And the exposed flesh above
Your chest grows red and intensely
Hot with every whisper in your ear.

Your pulse betrays you, telling me
You want it as much as I do.
I pull you in closer by your
Endless hair, that flows
With the fulness of the sea.

My fingers clutching the roots
Of your hair, your arms wrapped around
My neck—there’s no escape for
Either of us, each ensnared in
The other’s seductive trap.

I take your hands in mine, those
Immaculate hands that ignite fire
Wherever their gentle palms touch,
And wherever you sink your
Long, feline-like nails.

Is the bright crimson red on your
Nails a fresh coat of polish?
Or are they drenched in my blood?
Pleasure and pain converge in
Our animal ferocity.

In this rare silence, I hear
Only your breathing and the
Occasional gasp in the air.
And then there’s your voice—
At once angelic and coquettish.

Every phrase you utter
Carries double meaning.
Your electrifying words
Plant images in my mind—
Anticipation of pleasure.

You create an aura
Of unblemished innocence.
Of defenselessness. Of
Complete vulnerability.
Like the gazelle in the desert.

Like the meekly awaiting prey,
You awaken the predator in me.
As the lion has no mercy
For the gazelle, so will I
Devour you mercilessly—
My perfect victim.

I look into your worshipful eyes.
They give an unmistakeable
Gaze of awe, of submission.
I stand tall above you. Your
Master. Your idol. Your everything.

Your fragile nature
Begs to be broken.
You’re my flower in winter.
My delicate china doll.
I can’t resist the urge to shatter you.

Your voice implores gentleness,
But your eyes say the opposite.
They reveal (and your body confirms)
A need to be taken. Forced.
To be made the object
Of my aggression.

Like the virgin field
Dying to be claimed,
Like the beseiged city that opens
Herself eagerly to the
Ravaging of her invader,
You long to be conquered.

Your bliss is in surrender.
It’s what you were born for.
What you live for.
And now you have your heart’s desire—
The man who brings you to your knees.

Cling to these brazen arms
And to the yoke of your liberation.
I’ll keep you safe. My jewel. My prize.
Your benevolent lord
Will strip all fears away.