Love at a Distance

Sometimes I feel disheartened
Knowing others want you;
Admirers more exotic, more ostentatious.

I envy those close to you,
Who get to touch you, talk with you.
Whose existences are validated
Simply by your acknowledgement.

I remain unreal, unknown to you;
Making do with recordings of your voice,
Transcripts of your interviews.
Nothing more than your image
To keep my company.

But I know I love you more than they.

In the late of night,
When the tumult dies
And you’re left alone
With your morose thoughts—

The sycophants fade away.
The self-interested suitors offer
No consoling words.
And the mindless followers
Cease to gratify.

That’s when you long for something more profound.

Someone who dreams your dreams,
Shares your fears,
Has walked the same roads.

Someone who hears the hidden meaning
Behind the words you sing.

Concealed so expertly
Beneath your bright smile
Is the pain of wounds
Long ago inflicted and unhealed.

The marks engraved in your heart
Are the same ones etched in mine.

We don’t know each other,
Yet we’ve always known each other.

One day, our paths will cross.
You’ll look into my eyes
And see a window into yourself.

Then you’ll realize
We were meant to be all along.
Joined from a distance.