lets get to know each other poem luis miguel

Let’s Get to Know Each Other

Let’s get to know each other—
Know each other for real.

Maybe you like remaining elusive, mysterious, dream-like.
Maybe you like keeping me enigmatic, far-off, platonic.

The distance protects you from human imperfections.
The distance safeguards you from reality’s disappointments.

But I want to touch you with something more than my gaze.
And I want to find out whether there’s something tangible behind that smile.
I’d like to know if you’re more than my imagination.

So let’s get to know each other,
Beyond the hurried “hellos”
And the pecks on my cheek—
However wild they may drive me.

Let’s get to know each other
Beyond the flirtatious compliments
And sporadic phone calls—in which
Neither of us says what we really want to.

I want to know your apartment.

Invite me to your home.
We can have a drink. Share a meal.

Let me watch your hands work magic in the kitchen,
Inhale your overwhelming spices, fragrances.
The clanging of your china dishware in my ears.

I’ll take in the entire scene
And roll over every detail in my mind the next day.

Magazines strewn about on the coffee table—
The latest gossip. The newest fashion.
Glossy color photographs that catch the eye.

A shelf lined with books you would never have read
If I hadn’t come to read them aloud to you
In the glow of the dim, dancing candlelight.

Old movies collecting dust in the corner,
Now remembered and played
As we sit together, laughing. Enjoying
One another’s warmth under a blanket
With the lights turned off.

I want to know your bedroom.

Sweet perfume in the air, intoxicating me.
Accompanied by delirious incense sticks.

Red roses in a vase on top of your dresser—
I’m surprised you still have them.

A pile of your clothes in the corner.
I smile at the one blemish in an otherwise perfect room.
A pile that’s soon to be joined by more clothes—
Yours and mine.

Tasteful artwork adorns your walls. A disc player.
We put in one of your favorite albums
And lose ourselves in the waves of the music.

I want to know your bed.

Crisp sheets chilled by the air conditioner—
Quickly warmed by two writhing bodies.

A soft pillow for your head as you receive me.
Firm headboard for your hands as your body is shaken.
How luscious to hide away under your covers
As we rock together in heated pleasure.

We can try to be quiet.
I know how much you love danger.

With my hand over your mouth,
The pressure in your chest and loins
Grows bigger, doesn’t it?
Goes deeper. Hits harder.
I know it by the way you bite my finger.

Let it consume you.
Let it overtake every inch of you.

Until you quake and scream in abandon
And experience wave after wave
Of fire in your womanhood—
The ecstasy of being filled.
Filled in spirit. Filled in the flesh.

You curl up against me.
And then—right then, as the music fades
And the candlelight dies—
Is the moment you want to hold onto forever.

You fall asleep wrapped around me.
You’ve never felt this safe before.
So protected. So wanted.

You never felt like you belonged
Until you found someone to belong to.

Now you have to admit:
The reality is better than the fantasy.
Aren’t you glad we got to know each other?


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