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Impeachment: The Deep State’s Self-Immolation

“Mother, should I trust the government?”

So sang Pink Floyd in their 1979 album The Wall—a curiously apt title given today’s political environment.

It’s a question that at one time would have been scoffed at by the majority of mainstream, middle-class Americans as the paranoia of bleeding-heart campus hippies or tin foil hat right wingers.

Throughout our history, Americans’ instinctive trust in the nation’s political and social institutions has been a key element in the stability of the republic. Although the War Between the States showed that our penchant for civil solutions over military ones has its limits, overall, the American people have tended to believe that we can resolve our differences peacefully through the political process—by the ballot, rather than the bullet.

But that’s no longer the case.

In today’s America, much of the public embraces the idea that a small group of unelected elites manipulates government policy. According to a Monmouth University poll, 74 percent of Americans—an overwhelming majority—believe that a Deep State definitely exists or probably exists.

The people of this country are beginning to question the official narrative sold, not only by the government, but by the once-sacrosanct guardians of truth in the mainstream media.

It’s telling that while talk of Jeffrey Epstein’s “Pedo Island” and his connections to powerful world figures like Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew were once lambasted by the media as wild conspiracy theory, nearly half of Americans today believe that the mysterious financier did not commit suicide, but was murdered in his Manhattan jail cell, per a Business Insider poll.

And it isn’t just conservatives who are questioning the official story. Thirty-seven percent of Democrats who say they will vote for Bernie Sanders refuse to believe that Epstein died at his own hands.

The breakdown of Americans’ trust in some of our society’s traditional institutions of authority has been spearheaded by President Trump. The unbridled New Yorker has demonstrated that the only way to defeat a conspiracy as powerful as the one we face is to first neutralize its most potent weapon—the ability to define truth for the masses.

The president’s designation of the media as the Enemy of the People, along with his characterization of the political system as “rigged,” has shattered the Establishment’s influence over public opinion.

But the Establishment has only itself to blame. Even if Trump had never arrived on the scene, it was inevitable that the majority of the people would eventually wake up to the fact that the Establishment’s globalist-socialist agenda benefits no one except a handful of wealthy elites, that policies like mass migration, free trade, and big government have decimated the middle class while making most of us poorer, less safe, and less free.

But a willingness to self-critique has never been an attribute of those who believe they were born to rule over others, and so the Deep State is out to kill the messenger. It’s why House Democrats have chosen to impeach the president without having so much as an actual crime to pin on him.

“[President Trump] still wants Ukraine to interfere in our election to help his campaign,” said House Intelligence chair Adam Schiff (D-CA), as though the small European country has the capacity to meaningfully sway an American election in either direction.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) was more honest during a markup session for the impeachment articles, when he said “We cannot rely on an election” to remove Trump.

The only thing impeachment has ever been about is the Establishment reasserting its professed superiority over voters.

But the elites are playing a dangerous game. Right now, the people’s frustration is largely focused on the ruling class. Americans believe that if they throw out the Deep State, the republic can still be salvaged. But if the globalists take out President Trump, the entire legitimacy of the state will be damaged—most likely irreparably so.

Conservative author and fourth generation warfare expert William S. Lind has observed:

Should the Establishment succeed in driving President Trump from office, one way or another, the message to the people who voted for him will be simple: you don’t count and you never will.  At that point, many of those voters will begin to question the system itself, if they are not doing so already. And that system is the state.

John F. Kennedy famously said that “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” It’s a situation no one wants to see, yet one that may prove inescapable if the Deep State makes peaceful revolution impossible by destroying the president whom many Americans view as their last hope for saving this country.

The Deep State is playing with fire. And despite their best efforts to insulate themselves, they will ultimately be the ones to get burned. Impeachment is the Establishment’s road to self-immolation.