luis miguel poetry romantic love poem

I Wish

I wish you were small enough to fit in my arms,
So I could shield you from the storm outside.
You’d fall asleep here, warm and oblivious.
I wish you were that small.

I wish you were younger, or I were older.
Then we could have grown together,
And together enjoyed those idyllic summers
Before we knew how painful life can be.

Cuts that took so long to heal, cuts that still
Haven’t healed, would never have touched you
If I’d been around.
I wish I knew you then.

I wish tears were finite.
You would have used all yours up already
And then you’d never have to cry again.
I wish there were an end to tears.

I wish words were balsam and wishes could
Cure broken hearts. They aren’t and don’t,
But they’re all I have—
So I’ll continue to say:
I wish … .”

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