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For the Trump Right to Beat the Establishment in 2018, We Need Our Thought Leaders to Run

Electing Donald Trump to the presidency was a MASSIVE success for hard-working Americans who are sick of the elite political class. But we now face the grim truth that having an outsider President isn’t enough. The uniparty of Democrats and establishment Republicans (RINOs) is hindering Trump at every turn.

Just look at the Republican betrayal on healthcare. John McCain’s “moderateness” is the norm, not the exception, when it comes to GOP politicians. The vast majority of Republicans in Congress are in league with the big donors and Democrats to subvert an America First agenda in favor of globalism.

The ONLY way the Right will ever make meaningful progress is to replace the RINOs in Congress will real Trump-supporting America Firsters–patriots who are truly committed to the immigration, trade, and Islam stances on which Donald Trump was elected.

We have the support of the people. Trump represents the values of the Republican base. The establishment GOP doesn’t have that loyalty. Trump is more popular than Paul Ryan in Wisconsin. He’s more popular than John Kasich in Ohio. And in Florida (my home state), he’s more popular than Marco Rubio, as evidenced by his crushing defeat of Little Marco in the primaries last year.

Furthermore, voters’ frustration with the establishment GOP is higher than ever.The only reason RINO clowns like McConnell, McCain, Graham, and Rubio keep winning is because they have the money and infrastructure to get their name out there. Sadly, most voters don’t go out of their way to screen primary candidates. They go by name recognition.

That’s why we can run the most die-hard Trump supporting primary challengers and still lose. Unknowns will never stand a chance against the extensive, heavily-funded party machinery. The only way to counteract money is with star-power.

After all, that’s what Trump did. He was heavily outspent by his competition in both the primaries and general election. But by leveraging his celebrity status and marketing instincts, he made up for the monetary disadvantage.

It’s about being well-known. If you’re a nobody, you can use money to make yourself known–which is what the party establishment does for career politicians. But if you already have a big name, you don’t need as much money.

If we’re serious about gaining Congressional seats in 2018, we need the biggest names on the Right to step off the sidelines and into the game–as players, not commentators.

The only people likely to beat establishment candidates in the primaries are celebrity candidates like Kid Rock and right-wing icons who have a proven track record of loyalty to Trump’s America First agenda.

One of the most obvious figures who should put his name on the ballot is Mike Cernovich, the California-based journalist and mindset expert who’s broken several important political stories. Mike has a Twitter following of 325,000 and is one of the most important thought leaders in the New Right.

Interestingly, Mike previously considered running¬†for Congress when it looked like his representative, Dana Rohrabacher, would be chosen as Trump’s Secretary of State. Instead, Mike should set his sights on the Senate, as California Senator Diane Feinstein is up for re-election in 2018.

Laura Ingraham, a popular conservative radio host, has also expressed an interest in running for Senator in Virginia against Hillary’s running mate Tim Kaine. While she’s more of a movement conservative, she’s supportive of Donald Trump. She probably only flirted with the idea of running, but if she really wants to make a difference she’ll go forward with it.

There are many influential right-wingers who could win, but what keeps them from jumping into politics themselves is the idea that they contribute more as thought-leaders than they would in political office.

While we certainly need people leading the conversation, right now we’re honestly inundated with commentators; what we lack are loyal statesman to actually implement policy. In other words, the Right is currently suffering from too much talk and too little action.

Many of our major personalities feel limited by the expectation that our politicians and intellectuals should remain separate. But why? That’s a modern development that wasn’t the norm in the Founders’ days.

If you look at early America, when we had our greatest non-career politician statesmen, the leading men in government were also the biggest intellectual voices. Individuals like Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Adams drove the national dialogue with their brilliant writings–but they also got off their armchairs to do the nitty gritty work of governing.

Like these founding fathers, our influential conservative media figures are financially independent people of means. Because their livelihood doesn’t depend on a government paycheck, they have greater freedom from the manipulation of the establishment party fat cats.

Of course, running for office would mean having to give up work on their media enterprises, which would result in a loss of money. But doesn’t serving your country always entail sacrifice?

My message to our foremost right-wingers in states having elections in 2018: if you want to do more than just rant on the internet, run. If you’re tired of the hypocritical charades playing out in Congress, run. If you really want to fix immigration, trade, health care, and the refugee debacle–RUN.

President Trump could really use your help. And everyday American patriots throughout the country are counting on you.