Luis Miguel Reviews “Hoaxed” by Cernovich

Whoever controls the narrative wins.

That’s as relevant a takeaway as any from Hoaxed, the ground-breaking, earth-shattering, game-changing new documentary from Gorilla Mindset author Mike Cernovich.

Cernovich enlists the help of a number of familiar faces (Scott Adams, Anthony Scaramucci, James O’Keafe, Alex Jones, Lauren Southern, Stefan Molyneux) to tackle the problem of “fake news.”

As the documentary explains, the concept of “fake news” began as a way to discredit the media that allegedly helped Donald Trump win the presidency, but was quickly turned on its head to highlight the mainstream media’s own shoddy reporting, conspiracy theories, and outright lies.

And throughout the film, Cernovich & Company do a phenomenal job of exposing the media’s dishonesty by showcasing their their clips and headlines—the ones CNN and MSNBC want us to forget about.

One of the great examples is how “journalists” far and wide called Cernovich and others who speculated about Hillary Clinton’s health during the 2016 campaign “conspiracy theorists.”

But these same “objective” vanguards of the truth devoted countless hours on their programs to speculating about evidence-free rumors that President Trump was suffering from dementia or some other illness.

Hoaxed also delves into the dark consequences of fake news, exploring its radicalizing effects on young people, along with the resultant rise of Antifa and political violence (such as the Steve Scalise shooting).

What viewers of the film come to realize is that the devastating effects of fake news are not accidental. It’s not the result of a mistaken or misinformed journalism community. It’s all deliberate.

The establishment is at war with the people. As Sun Tzu wrote, “All warfare is based on deception.” Information and disinformation are key components of war.

Most of the members of the mainstream media are not journalists. They’re propagandists. With cleverly worded headlines, selective quotes, and deceptively spliced clips, they take fact and create fiction that fits their narrative—discrediting political dissidents, fostering violence against perpetrators of wrongthink, and easing the masses into ignoring all the real problems in society.

As the documentary shows, it isn’t just a matter of right vs. left. Featured in Hoaxed are influencers who consider themselves of the political left and yet found themselves victims of fake news.

One of these is Cassie Jaye, a feminist and socially liberal filmmaker who was slandered as “alt-right” upon the release of her documentary The Red Pill, which dealt with the “mens’ rights” movement.

Ultimately, what the establishment most fears is the people collectively waking up and seeing through their carefully-spun lies.

They fear those they can’t control. Those who aren’t on their payroll and who refuse to bow down at their altar. Take note of which individuals are deemed “acceptable conservatives” by the media and which are treated as non-persons. That will tell you who’s controlled opposition and who’s the real deal.

Mike Cernovich has been a demonized, vilified persona non grata for years— and he has the headlines to prove it.

Hoaxed is the documentary they don’t want you to watch. So channel your inner rebel today and buy your copy of Hoaxed.