To Win, the GOP Must Become the Christian Party

The United States may have won the Cold War, but the ghost of the Soviet Union has proven more effective than the actual USSR at turning America into a socialist nation.

Look at Tuesday night’s primaries in Florida. The Democrat Party’s nominee for governor is Andrew Gillum, a progressive endorsed by Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders.

Turnout on the Democratic side was massive: 1,402,804 compared to 837,796 in 2014. Now, they still came up short over 100,000 behind Republican primary turnout. But it’s clearly enough to make the gubernatorial race close once independents are factored in.

This upset primary win came not long after a fellow progressive (and, like Bernie, a Democratic Socialist) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shocked the political world by knocking out the House’s fourth leading Democrat in her New York congressional primary.

Why is socialism surging?

The reason is shifting demographics and Democrats’ expertise with identity politics.

Remember, the republic the Founding Fathers created was based on a cultural-political heritage unique to the Angle-Americans of the day. Most people around the world lack that heritage, so they do not understand or care for republicanism based on limited government and the separation of powers.

Hence why most immigrants vote for the big government handouts Democrats offer. The diversification of our demographics is fully to the benefit of the Democrats.

It’s not so much that immigrants are particularly attached to socialism. Rather, it’s about appealing to their ethnic pride and promising free stuff–both of which the Democrat party has down to a tee.

Identity politics is the tactic. Socialism is the goal.

How does the right overcome this?

Naturally, drastically reducing immigration is crucial. If we don’t stop the massive inflow of migration to this country within the next few years, no amount of smart politicking by Republicans will be able to stop the socialization of America.

On a pragmatic level and in the present situation, it is possible to win over just enough minority votes to continue winning elections given current demographics.

You won’t win over the majority of minorities, but you can get enough to keep Democrats from winning, since in most places their victory depends entirely upon minority votes.

What we need to do is offer something more powerful than identity politics.

That’s a challenge, because ethnic identity is the most powerful political motivator for the majority of immigrants and their children. It’s even more powerful than religion.

Nevertheless, among the truly pious, faith does take precedence. Again, not in the majority of cases–but in enough cases to keep Democrats from electoral wins.

You’ll find that a large number, perhaps even the majority, of Hispanics and blacks disagree with the immorality propagated by the Democratic party nowadays. But they put moral questions behind other issues.

The key for Republicans is to bring Christianity front and center.

If we get in front of religious minority audiences and effectively make the case that socialism is anti-Christian and anti-family; that globalism is a godless neo-Babelism seeking to bring about a wicked One World Order; and that Democrats’ support of sinfulness with bring God’s judgments upon this nation–many will be awakened.

It’s the truth. And the truth is powerful.

The “elites” would have us believe we need to shy away from the overt use of Christianity. They want us to believe that because they know how effective such a message would be.

America is in need of a new Great Awakening. It’s up to us to be messengers of the Word.