Fairy Tale

Once upon a time,
I dreamed of a fair princess
With sad eyes, locked away
In a lonely tower.

Every night, she would
Look out her window
And wish upon the brightest
Star in the pitch sky.

Then she’d close her eyes
And dream dreams of her own,
Of the day when her prince would
Come to take away her curse.

With a kiss, with just a kiss
From his battle-worn face, her
Chains would fall, her shadows
Depart, and her cheeks would

Never again be moistened
By the secret run of
Tears seen and tears unseen.

Free, for the first time, we’d
Fly away together on Pegasus
Wings to our castle in the sky.

She’d never met me, yet she
Waited for me.
I’d never met her, yet I knew I
Was destined to find her.

Nothing could keep me from her.
Neither wild beasts, nor dragons,
Nor warlocks’ spells.
Nothing—only Time.

Time, an envious goddess,
Set dawn against twilight.

The seeds of hope planted gently
In my beloved’s breast never
Sprouted into cloud-bound
Stalks of green,

And no suitor came whose kiss
Could rouse her from deepest sleep.

So she resigned herself to eternal slumber,
And cast her hair down at the beckoning
Of the first white knight to arrive.

And I lost myself in aimless wandering,
In the endless pursuit of one swan princess
After another.

Now here we are.
Me—spent and used, without
An ounce of chivalry left.

And you—you trimmed your
Regal locks long ago.

But if Time allows us
Only these few chapters,
Why not fill them with
A novel’s worth of living?

I can tell by the way you look at me—
Breathless, apprehensive—
That the seeds of hope are
Still planted within you.

And when you lay your head down
And drift from this black-and-white
World, you still dream in all the colors
Of a childhood storybook.

Don’t think it’s only maidens
Who hang onto their dreams.
The most cynical man hides a
Heart that never stopped hoping,
That still dreams.

I still dream.

I still dream
Of climbing up that lonely tower
By your long, sun-born hair;
Of becoming a prince with a
Kiss from your enchanted lips;

Of draping you in a golden fleece
And flying off together on Pegasus wings
To our castle in the sky.