Embers from the Past

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When I find myself alone,
Far from your soothing presence,
The morning sun ceases to warm
And the sea forsakes its eminence.

Your absence dries the streams
Of enchantment that flow
Uncontained, beyond dreams,
From your heart’s open window.

To peer in eagerly,
Even for the smallest moment,
Is a prize unlike any
To be found in earthly monument.

To be deprived of your trust,
And removed from your grace,
Stings greater than a fortune lost
Or a body defaced.

Yours is a beauty out of time,
Belonging to a fairer age—
Of troubadours with golden rhyme;
Of lofty incense, mint, and sage.

Born in a nobler era,
One of chivalrous reserve,
You would have been a Queen,
Receiving all the adulation you deserve.

Seated on a gilded throne,
Your glowing face alight,
Would your eyes even consider
This humble servant’s plight?

Do you torment me purposefully?
In your eyes I see a hint of coldness—
Dangling promises before me
Only to deny your fullness.

I can conceive of malice,
For although you effuse
An air of purest innocence,
There’s a cruelty within you.

Yet I can’t blame you completely.
When you react with venom,
I realize you’re only
Trapped within your own prison.

Hurt and despondent, they left you
Alone—never knowing why
You merited the solitude
So early imposed on your life.

If only you could have made them stay.
You would have traded all
To preserve, for one more day,
The warmth and love you once knew.

You were abandoned, and you’ve
Felt abandoned all along.
You were powerless then, removed
From the safety of your citadel.

Now that the motion’s in your hand,
You stand to repeat the same story.
Is destiny to be blamed,
Or is it a self-made purgatory?

In the past, you would escape
To safe havens of your own
Creation. Don’t mistake
Dreams for vanity now that you’re grown.

A firm breath can rekindle
Even the faintest dying embers.
If you let me, I can revive
The flame of your imagination

And gently place you in the
Emerald courts and palaces
Of your youthful fancy.
Forever protected
Beneath my watchful gaze.