Dreams of You

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In daylight’s jealous hours,
The drab hustle of these
Trying times keeps you from me—
Against my deep longing.

I could spend a lifetime
Caressing your goddess figure
With my ravenous eyes,
Claiming you totally.

And pass eons savoring
Your sweet strawberry lips,
That dissolve in my mouth
Like rich wild honey.

Your hair is fine linen
Wrapped around my fingers—
Sensuous copper locks
Adorned with white flowers.

And your voice, when you whisper
Suggestively in my ear,
Is the music of soft
Sea winds under moonlight.

Yes, I’d happily remain
Forever lost in the
Mist of your warm perfume,
Entrenched in your fair presence.

But I must content myself
With mere minutes, stolen
From envious suitors and
Courtiers fighting o’er you.

My heart aches to freely
Drink from the ample wells
Of your love, but for now
I settle for scarce drops.

Only in dreams can I
Have you as mine alone.
Then can I call your name
And let my love be known.

Yet even in slumber’s
Ethereal chambers,
You elude me like the Golden
City eluded my fathers.

On the first night, I dreamed
Myself in a great train
Station, a ticket to
Nowhere in my pocket.

Amid the crowd, I saw
Your delicate face. You
Smiled. But the smile quickly
Faded. Then you were gone.

On the second night, a
River stood between us.
So fierce rushed the waters,
You could not hear my pleas.

And when the massive throng
Of colorful characters
Called, you were quick to leave
He who’d once been your Lord.

On the third night, you came
At late hour to my bed.
But your figure was out
Of reach, like a phantom.

Our eyes locked—then the dark
Whisked you away from me.
I was left with naught more
Than your burning mem’ry.

On the fourth night, we walked
In a secluded house.
Dim candlelight painted
Your pronounced cheeks with a

Magnificent red hue.
I carried you in my
Arms, and you called me your
Prince—Your dearest lover.

On the fifth night, you took
Me to a hidden place
Reserved for you and me.
How voracious you’ve become,

To want me ferally,
To abandon yourself
To me as I enjoy
Your unprotected flesh.

On the sixth day, I woke
Up alone in my bed.
You slipped away just like
Pure water though my hands.

I lay there morbidly,
Knowing what I’ve always
Known in my heart—I’ve lost,
And ever shall lose.

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