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How Can Marine Le Pen Win? 26 Influencers Weigh in on the French Election

Can Marine Le Pen win the French election in the short time left? What does her victory (or loss) mean for France and for Europe? Twenty-six influential individuals provide their unique insights.

May 7, 2017 will be the moment of truth for France.

In Round 2 of the French presidential election, the French people will choose between two polar opposite choices.

They can choose cultural suicide via unfettered immigration, terrorist acceptancy, and globalism.

Or they can choose to preserve one of the most beautiful and unique nations in all history. A nation whose language, culture, art, thinkers, and achievments have been revered throughout the entire world.

If the French vote in Emmanuel Macron, the road to evisceration France has been on may well be cemented for good.

A Marine Le Pen victory may still be a longshot. But she’s gotten further than many gave her credit for. If she can pull it off, she’ll be her country’s last chance to reverse its self-destructive course.

France’s destiny hangs in the balance. Those of us who want to see the perpetuation of France as a French nation wonder whether it isn’t too late for them. Whether they’re too far gone.

Perhaps there are just enough clear-thinking Frenchmen left to make a difference.

can marine le pen win french election 2017 runoff round 2

Mike Cernovich, documentary filmmaker and author of the groundbreaking book Gorilla Mindset, put it powerfully in a statement he provided for this article:

People across the world want to be free from the slavery of globalism.”

-Mike Cernovich

(Follow Mike on Twitter, Gab, and on his website.)

Le Pen has not only woken up millions of her fellow citizens. She’s inspired legions of freedom lovers around the globe.

These are words of support from onlookers of the French election in America:

“I hope she wins. I believe that the French peoples’ history & culture depends on it. I feel that if she were to lose this election that the centuries of French culture will fade into the folds of history. If Macron becomes president, France as we know it will be destroyed. The current demographics & unrest speak volumes to that effect. France needs Le Pen—even if some of the French don’t realize it.”

-LMA (Follow on Gab)


“She’s not in it just to win it, she wants to help heal us. Like only a strong woman can. … I think she needs to help people realize the pain can continue, or we can all start healing. It will only get worse the longer our wounds fester.”

-Jami (Follow on Gab)


Even people who don’t agree with Le Pen on every issue understand thatgiven what’s at stakeLe Pen is the only sane choice.

“My preference for Le Pen is simply this: she has the courage to call out what France’s most pressing issue is, which is terrorism, not their 35 hr work week. If she can stop the terrorists, France is saved to address the other issues. Under different circumstances, she might not be someone I’d support. But right now she is.”



The question is: Can Marine Le Pen win? We’re already down to the last sprint of the race. The time doesn’t allow for much more action.

Still, in a close race, bold last-minute efforts can move the needle just enough to make a difference.

I reached out to some of the smartest people online, who kindly provided unique perspectives on what Le Pen can do in the last stretch of her campaign to win the 2017 French election.


Ivan Throne from Dark Triad Man

how can marine le pen win french election france 2017 runoff macron round 2

“Marine Le Pen should declare love for the glory of France, the shining brilliance of French culture, and proclaim the immortal, historic truth that the French people must never tolerate national suicide by those who abandon France to invaders.”

Ivan Throne is the bestselling author of The Nine Laws. He’s a financial industry veteran, highly sought-after speaker, and 30+ year practitioner of the classical Japanese military fighting arts.

See Ivan’s website. Follow him on Twitter and Gab.


 Vox Day from Vox Popoli

what does marine le pen need to do to win french election 2017 round 2 macron

“To win the French election, Marine Le Pen needs to convince the anti-EU French Left that national sovereignty is more important than the precise shape of domestic policy in the next few years. This will be challenging, since one of the chief attributes of the Left is its inability to think in the long term.”

Vox Day is a science-fiction writer, game developer, and bestselling philosopher. He’s the Lead Editor of the Finland-based publisher Castalia House and Lead Designer of the free online encyclopedia Infogalactic. His works include The Irrational Atheist and SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police.

See Vox’s website. Follow him on Twitter and Gab.


 Ayla from Wife With a Purpose

how can marine le pen beat macron french election 2017

“I hate to be ‘black pilled’ on this one and I really hope I’m wrong but I don’t think she currently has enough support to win. To have any hope of winning she needs to tap into a previously undiscovered group.

“For example, Trump really appealed to the Amish, a group that does not traditionally vote at all. The Amish were so impressed by his message that they arrived in bus loads to the polls. They voted for him by the thousands. He could not have won Pennsylvania, and most likely the Presidency, without them.

“La Pen is very close to having enough support but I’m not familiar enough with French culture to know whether such a group exists there, a group that usually would not vote but could be convinced to vote for her in a key district.

“If I were La Pen I would be racking my brain trying to think where I could scoop up those little pockets of voters wherever they may be found.”

Ayla is a Christian wife, mommy blogger, and mother of 6 whose work promotes the traditional culture that made the West great. She maintains a presence on a number of social media channels.

See Ayla’s blog, Nordic Sunrise. Follow her on Youtube, Twitter, and Gab.


J.M. Carpenter from Masculine Epic

will le pen win french election 2017

“She needs to channel all attention to Macron being more of the same. Macron = terrorism. Macron = rape. Macron = riots. Macron = joblessness. Macron = Hollande.

“Call him ‘Hollande’s liddle boy’ or ‘Liddle Hollande’ or “Hollande’s errand boy.” Hollande is very unpopular with about what, 9% approval?

“She needs to hammer home that he is everything Hollande was (and make people remember his face), but worse as the problems will grow because he will do absolutely nothing about them.

“That’s what she has to do. Hit those themes hard. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.”

J.M. Carpenter, commonly known by the pseudonym Libertas, is a prolific writer seeking glory and encouraging others to do the same. In addition to his own blog, his writings (which often distill lessons from history and epic literature) are commonly featured on the popular site Return of Kings. He’s the author of the book Stumped: How Trump Triumphedone of the few books that accurately predicted Trump’s victory long before the election (and teaches how to use Trump’s secrets).

See J.M. Carpenter’s blog, Masculine Epic. Follow him on Twitter and Gab.


Michael Neal

le pen macron runoff 2017 french election round 2 france

“My best wishes to Le Pen and her campaign, hopefully she can pull this off but continue the fight regardless, this is just the beginning.

“I would court the Mélenchon voters by pointing out how globalism is ruining the French nation, that’s probably her best bet.”

Michael Neal is a filmmaker and popular social media personality.

Follow Michael on Gab.


W.O. Cassity from Uprising Review

how can le pen beat macron 2017 runoff french election

“Le Pen’s strength lies in her convictions built by the love of her country and her fellow citizens.

“That patriotism is her shield maiden that will deflect the corrosive arrows of her enemies. All she needs to do to win is continue to speak as if she doesn’t notice what Macron has to say about her.”

W.O. Cassity is an indie fantasy and horror author. He’s the co-founding editor of the literary magazine Uprising Review.

Follow W.O. Cassity on Twitter and Gab.


Stephen Clay McGehee from Adjutant Workshop, Inc.

how can le pen win french election

“Just as Trump appealed to #MAGA, Le Penn should drive home the idea of Make France Great Again.

“France was derailed in 1789. France was great because she was filled with the French. May their grandchildren see the fruit of their wisdom as they return to the road to greatness.”

Stephen Clay McGehee is President of Adjutant Workshop, Inc. – a software development company specializing in political campaign software and data management. He is a Christian, Kentucky Colonel, and publisher of The Southern Agrarian blog.

Follow Stephen on Twitter and Gab.


Jack Harris

le pen vs macron who will win still have chance

“…I think it a savvy move to spin off from her party to attract a wider audience. Very much in favor of her.

“Get out in front of as many people as possible. Hard to spin lies when meeting face to face with the people.

“A lot like Truman vs Dewey. People saw up front what a stiff and pompous guy Dewey was and how genuine Truman was. She needs to let people see and feel her passion.”

Jack Harris is an anti-globalist conservative constitutionalist, sailor, ice-boater, motorcyclist, and all-around speed demon.

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Chaos Chris

“Marine’s [campaign] does prove one thing: the establishment / left thinks that bringing up the specter of Russia is a winning strategy.

“The left will never accept an electoral loss ever again.

“And if not Russia, their losses will be met with violence from the left.

“Brexit, Trump, and now Le Pen. The left will never again accept an electoral loss as legitimate.”

Chris is a gay right-wing Trump supporter. Ocasionally tasteless but always blunt, he’s a man of limitless accomplishments and unbridled modesty.

Follow Chris on Twitter.


Candace Wagner

how can le pen win

“. …I’d advise her to continue being a strong woman of integrity and conviction.”

Candace Wagner is a fine artist whose private works have received recognition throughout the United States.

See her website. Follow Candace on Twitter and Gab.


Clay Turner

“She’s going to need to take a big leaf out of Trump’s page and be very active on social media.

“Part of Trump’s tactic was to highlight the hypocrisy within the #MSM as well. They literally gave him a lot of air time because of it which actually did more to help get him over the line.

“Also, a well organised meme attack can win a lot of support. This was used very effectively during the Trump campaign. Humour can get very pointed messages across, and trigger responses which can be used to expose real agendas.

“Wouldn’t hurt for her to play the pussy card a bit as well, nor to expose what Macron is really offering. Use his own words within the memes to expose it (immigration as usual under Macron!) and show who supports the madness of unvetted immigrants.”

-(Follow Clay on Gab)


Deplorable Publishing

“I would tell her to push the nationalism angle hard.

“Her father had the correct instincts, and what he and other statesmen feared is coming true. France is in an existential crisis brought on by elites who literally want one world.

“Look to Brexit, the populist support for Trump, and be honest with the French people. France and Europe must live on. A vote for Le Pen is a vote for Europe and her progeny.

“The death of France, Europe and her peoples would be the greatest tragedy in human history. Vote Le Pen! Vive Le France!”

-(Follow Deplorable Publishing on Gab)


Ritzy Jewels

“She needs to keep upstaging Macron, pushing her agenda to rebuild France and closing borders!

“Keep the social media attention on her policies and how the civil unrest is connected to Macron’s Globalist agenda.

“Make sure she reassures frightened citizens i.e.:France leaving EU will NOT ruin the economy.”

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“I think she needs to remind people of what her country has lost and what more they will lose if EU immigration continues on top of ‘French’ immigration (from former colonies).

“If the French aren’t prepared to respond to that then they don’t deserve a country. Macron disqualifies himself.”


End Cultural Marxism

“The open-borders, anti-Western globalists are doing everything in their power to defeat Le Pen. Let’s hope the French wise up and save their nation and themselves before it’s too late and France becomes 3rd world due to 3rd world immigration. This may be their last chance.

“I’d focus on attacks on Macron, his ties to globalist banks (he worked for Rothschilds), and openborders. Make him look to be an enemy of ordinary French citizens.”

-(Follow End Cultural Marxism on Gab)


Conflict of Justice

“My instinct would be to double down the Trump way, with a positive populist message of culture and borders.

I would also troll the ‘progressive’ left for opposing the historic female candidate and promoting a home wrecker.”

-(Follow Conflict of Justice on his website and on Gab)


Carla Randall

“There is an expected low turnout for the election. She needs to get people OUT THERE to vote! If Moron Macron is complacent with his lead she might be able to pull this off.

“I certainly hope so because if he is elected, France will be careening down the s*** no-return path to hell.”

-(Follow Carla on Gab)


Matt S.

“As LePen is running against an establishment candidate, like Trump [was], she has a blueprint to victory.

“Build from the middle class/working class as your base. Macron’s weakness is his perceived strength with media, elitists, and corporations. She should take to social media and employ winners in staff.”

-(Follow Matt S. on Gab)


Joey Brashears

“Le Pen should stay true to the ideas that make her popular: Protecting the French people by stopping Islamization of #France, rejecting ‘refugees,’ and being strong on law and order.”

-(Follow Joey on Gab)


Junson Chan

“Le Pen should keep doing what [she has] been doing. Reach out through social media, talk about censorship crackdown against Le Pen, reign in radical islamic terror and refugee control.

“Then keep harping on France’s right to sovereignty (nationalism). This is France’s last chance to survive.”

-(Junson is a pro-Trump filmmaker. See his website. Follow him on Twitter and Gab.)


TC Williamson

“LePen would do well to stick with what she’s saying, and not let up. She needs to hammer it home to everyone in France that she’s the ONLY candidate running that really cares about preserving France and preventing it becoming overrun by unwelcome immigrants. #LePen #MakeFranceGreatAgain”

-(Follow T.C. Williamson on Gab)


Joseph L. Moore

“Marine Le Pen is the right person at the right time. Now, just like in the UK and the US, the people of France are re-identifying with their country and culture.

“France desperately needs Marine in government to protect it from the abuses of the globalists. One step closer, this is one large step.

Don’t let up. Continue with the energy and keep up [your] visibility.”

-(Follow Joseph on Gab)


Corless Jones

“The entire safety & happiness of France is dependent on LePen’s winning & America is rooting for you.

“Your safety is primary concern body guards good body guards your doing great keep doing what your doing.”

-(Follow Corless Jones on Gab)


Even people who don’t believe Marine Le Pen will win realize the significance of her campaign and what it means for France:

Patrick Dollard

“Apparently France needs to bleed a lot more, because she’s probably going to lose. At least she’s moved the ball a lot more forward.”

-(See Patrick’s news website. Follow him on Twitter and Gab. )


Texas Truth Whisperer

“I predicted a few months ago that Geert Wilders would lose and Marine Le Pen would win, but with the first round of results in and the other French candidates throwing all their support for Macron, I have to be realistic with the voting math and predict Le Pen will lose in a close race, barring some sort of major Islamic attack or a Macron scandal exposed in the next eleven days that could flip voters that are on the fence

“Regardless of the outcome, France is slowly waking up to what is happening in their once great country. This is the first time since 1958 that the two major political parties in France didn’t have a candidate make it to the second round, which is historic.

“I still hold out hope that Le Pen can pull a ‘Trump’ and shock the world to win, but if she doesn’t, I hope she stays the course and runs again in five years.”

-(Follow Texas Truth Whisperer on Gab)


Final Words

The French people have only a little over a week to make up their minds. The world will see whether France chooses life or death.

If you’re reading this, Ms. Le Pen, I hope you’re able to find something within this article that will help you in these last crucial days.

Know that free men and women everywhere stand beside you in your cause.

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